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Liberation & Manifestation

Energy (Prana) Rising & Descending

A couple of weeks ago, we had a rare tornado warning in central Jersey. In order for a tornado to form, an updraft has to meet a downdraft creating a swirling spiral of energy.

Conceptually, the chakras or energy centers of the body are formed in a similar way. The rising current of liberation (mukti) meets the descending current of manifestation (bhukti) creating seven vortexes of energy at the root, sacrum, solarplexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

In yoga we often speak of the ascending energy of liberation rising to the crown as the ultimate goal, but the descending energy of manifestation is just as important. It is this energy that allows us to think of an idea and do what is needed to make that idea a reality.

Every book, every work of art, every piece of technology, every solution to a problem, (and every yoga class!) begins with thought. Without the current of manifestation that thought remains only in our heads.

Play with sensing mukti ascending and bhukti descending in your asana practice. Give your ideas some legs!

Want to learn more? I teach classes and private yoga lessons in Monmouth County, NJ. Try a class or contact me to book a private lesson.

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