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Strength for Osteoporosis

Has a recent DEXA scan revealed that you have osteopenia or osteoporosis?

That can feel overwhelming. However there is something you can do to maintain/improve bone density, improve muscle mass, and prevent falls... Strength training (also called "resistance training") can give you back a sense of control.

Resistance Training studies have consistently demonstrated:
  • significant increases in lean weight

  • significant increases in metabolic rate

  • significant decreases in fat weight

  • significant increases in Bone Mineral Density (BMD)

Resistance Training is associated with:
  • reduced low back pain

  • decreased arthritic discomfort

  • increased functional independence

  • enhanced movement control

  • increased walking speed

  • improved glucose and insulin homeostasis

  • reduced resting blood pressure

  • improved blood lipid profiles

  • enhanced vascular condition

  • decreased symptoms of depression

  • increased self-esteem

  • increased physical self-concept

  • improved cognitive ability


Do you have questions about strength training?

I can help... Email me to set up a consultation or private session.


"Resistance Training is Medicine Effects of Strength Training on Health" published by the American College of Sports Medicine

woman strength training for osteoporosis
woman strength training for osteoporosis
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